ISO 13485:2016 (MDQMS)

Medical Devices Quality Management Systems

ISO 13485 is a Quality System for Medical Devices and adopts a risk management approach to identify risk throughout the medical device product realization and such identified risks are managed to eliminate hazardous situations in a medical device.

It not only addresses the regulatory requirements applicable for medical device realization but also for device-specific and customer-specific requirements that have potential adverse impacts and risks on the product.

For any organization that adopts the standard, the clause of the standard clearly defines and requires how the regulatory and customer-specific requirements are addressed.

Medical Device manufacturers also reduce trade barriers to enter the international market. This Certification is voluntary, even, adopting and obtaining it allows medical device manufacturers to meet the Quality System requirement of European Medical Device Directives, Vitro Medical Device Directive, and Active Implantable Medical Device Directive.


· Increase the probability of making safe and effective medical devices

· Meet regulatory requirements

· Meet customer expectations

· Help monitor the effectiveness of your supply chain

· Increased Efficiency

· Cost Savings

· More Effective Risk Management and Quality Assurance

· Improved ability to respond to Customer Requirements