ISO 45001:2018 (OHSMS)

Occupational Health and Safety Management System

Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems

ISO 45001 sets forth requirements for an organization's health and labor protection system, showcasing a commitment to fostering a secure working environment for employees and stakeholders. The primary objective is to diminish accidents, injuries, and prevent fatalities, thereby minimizing the loss of life, time, and damage to equipment and the environment.

ISO 45001 provides a comprehensive framework that empowers organizations to develop Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) policies and objectives. This includes implementing and reviewing compliance with HSE legislative requirements, identifying significant hazards and risks related to occupational health and safety. The standard is versatile and can be implemented independently or aligned with other management system standards such as ISO 9001. It is applicable to organizations of all sizes, types, and activities, allowing integration of other health and safety aspects, such as worker wellness.

Key Benefits of ISO 45001 Certification:

  1. Safety Culture Improvement: Enhance the safety culture within the organization and gain increased control over hazards.

  2. Image Enhancement: Improve the overall image of your organization by showcasing a commitment to health and safety.

  3. Legal Compliance: Demonstrate legal compliance, ensuring adherence to health and safety regulations.

  4. Operational Efficiency: Boost operational efficiency and reduce accidents and production time losses.

  5. Workplace Quality: Improve the security and quality of the workplace, boosting employee morale and adherence.

  6. Increased Company Values: Elevate company values by prioritizing the well-being of employees and stakeholders.

In conclusion, ISO 45001 Certification not only reinforces health and safety practices but also brings about tangible benefits, including enhanced safety culture, legal compliance, improved efficiency, and an uplifted organizational image and values.